Paradigm Studio 100 vs Studio 60

I'm trying to decide between thhe paradigm studio 60 aqnd the stodio 100. I have a yamaha HTR 6080 amp and the room is 15 by 15'. I'll be using the speakers mainly for music and some times for HT. I like enjoing music not very loud. Right now the 100s are on sale for 2100, which is about the same price than the 60s. Any comments will be appreciated.
the 100 for sure...additional 'eight' even at lower volume.
Listen to them both and buy the ones you like best.
Which ever choice you go with, try bi-wiring them
(recomended in the Paradigm manual).

I had the Studio 60's and found them to be a bit 'boomy'. The bi-wiring cured it, and improved the imaging.
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I preferred the 60s over the 100s. I've moved on since to Aerials. Anyone want a used pair of 60s? :-)
I had the ver2 studio 20s with the servo-15 sub, 470 dipoles and the center ,sounded great.
Been sitting in a closet for years, switched to Dali.
Will sell as a package, very low miles