Paradigm Studio 100 v.3 vs v.4

I can get an almost new Paradigm Studio 100 v.3 for $1200 or almost new Paradigm Studio 100 v.4 for $1700 both plus shipping at about $250. I'm sort of new to better equipment and before most of my sound equipment came from the big box store for a lot less money.

I had the chance to hear a pair of Studio 60’s and was so impressed I was going to buy them for $1295. A little work found my way to this web site and some great deals. I have never heard the Studios 100’s..

Are the 100’s as good I think they are and if you were buying would you go for v.3 or spend the extra go v.4

Could really use some advice from the knowledge base…
I have ver3 studio 20s, 550center and adp470 surrounds. Was going to add the 100s for mains but ended up switching to Dali Helicon here on agon. 100s are full size speaker for larger room and better bass.
Version4 was said to be faster for better imaging, especially if you go with signature line. Think they switched tweeter to beryllium in ver4.
Paradigms are a great HT speaker but now, to me, they sound shrill compared to the ribbon tweeters in the Dalis.
If your set on paradigm I would go for ver4 series. enjoy!
I've owned and auditioned (in home) Studio 100's, v1, v2, v3, and S8. To my ears in my home the version 2's were my favorite. Compared to some other speaker systems available here they are simply out classed.

Currently there are a pair of Avalon Eclipse in walnut that the seller is asking $5500 for. Typically these speakers sell for $2000-$2300. These are the original Avalon design and despite their age they simply work. They're time and phase correct and despite their driver size they can play loud. They are one of the most imitated brands being produced today. But more important than that is they can play softly and still sound full. This is something the Paradigms, and frankly many other speaker systems, can't do. If you can place these out from the rear wall and take care in there setup you'll be blessed with a sound stage that is one of the best, if not the best, in the industry.

I suggest you make an offer at the prices I mentioned or simply wait for another pair of these to show up. They are that good.

If you can't wait the only other brands I would suggest that also place a great deal of importance on time and phase correctness are Thiel and Vandersteen.
Currently there is a pair of Thiel 2.4's at $1950 and a pair of Vandersteen 3A's at $2000.

If your simply putting together a home theater system I would suggest Triangle Comets and a sub. Their high sensitivity works well with receivers and if set up properly they can produce a decent sound stage.

Your speaker system is the most important piece in the audio chain. The speakers I've suggested can easily keep you off the upgrade merry-go-round.