paradigm studio 100 v.3 and anthem amps

i am new to most of this as i just purchased a pair of studio 100s and have an anthem mca 20 driving them my question is i also have an anthem mca 30 that is not being used could i use 2 of the chanels from that to biamp the 100s. i know the watts are different in 10 for the 30 and 200 for the 20 but i think that if the gain is the same it would work any suggestions because i know these 100s really could use the power thanks,mike
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I know many will have a different opinion about the sound, but passive bi-amping does not provide much, if any, output increase. Certainly it does not provide the additive output of both amps which is a common misconception. Amps of "x" power provide only so much usable voltage swing before clipping. Thus, adding another amp of similar voltage swing does not increase your clipping headroom to any significant degree because both amps in a passive bi-amp setup are reproducing the voltage swing of the full range signal.

You would be much better off to sell both amps and get one amp that is more powerful, IMO, based on what you seem to be wanting.
I'm using the Musical Fidelity A5 with my 100 v.2's. It works wonderfully. It's an integrated amp with 250 watts per channel. I used to own the MCA20 found that it didnt'quite have the oomph I was looking for, even though it was rated at 200wpc. The Musical Fidelity seems as though it has at least twice the power....I was told by my dealer that it has a higher gain than the MCA, that's why it sounds that much more louder, more powerful, images better, and doesn't sound as laid back. It will wake up your Paradigms and make them sound like they never have before. I'd sell both the MCA 20 and 30 on Ebay, and you'd be surprised how much you get for a resale value...(i got back what I paid for mine)The Musical Fidelity is a solid piece and is considered a true high end contender...YOu'll never have to upgrade again, and it looks wonderful. I paid $2800 CDN plus tax, so it would be a little less if you're from the states. Anyway, I hope this is of some use to you.