Paradigm Studio 100 V.2 Replacement Parts?

Does anyone know how to get in contact with the replacement parts department at Paradigm. I emailed the Tech Service, but have no reply still and I can't find a phone number. I believe Audiostream may distibute the parts for Paradigm, but I can't find out how to contact them either. Has anyone received replacement parts for Paradigm before? By the way, I just received a 100 V.2 that the shipper broke some pieces up on and I'm trying to find out if parts are available to repair it. Thanks!

I once had to replace a tweeter on a Studio Reference 100. I got it at Definitive Audio in Seattle. They are a Paradigm dealer that has an onsite service department.

Good Luck.
905-632-0180 ask for Gary Takeda
I had to replace a tweeter on a Studio 60V2 a couple of years ago. Got the part through the local Paradigm dealer's service department (Ovation Audio - Indianapolis). Be prepared though, it wasn't cheap.