paradigm studio 100's VS paradigm monitor 11's v.2

SUP, dudes. I have the 11's and am thinking of stepping up to the 100's. is it worth it? will my yamaha rx-v800 be able to power the 100's. I would like to find some people the are in love with paradigm. to talk with mail me or post a message.
Hi Reeveo..I am in love with Paradigm because I get so much pleasure from my Studio 100 and they don't cost a fortune..I did not own the Monitor 11 but I don't think it can ever be compared to the Studio 100..if you start using the Studio 100 you will never want to go back to the Monitor 11..If you have any other questions I am ready to help..
The studio series is light years better than the monitor series.

The monitor series are extremely bright and they do not image well. However, they are good for the money. Save up your money and get the 100s, they will be well worth it.
I agree the Studio 100s will sound better than the 11s, however without enough juice, you will not be happy with the 100s. I know Yamaha rather well, but not the v800 specifically and can honestly recommend you try that reciever with the 100s before you buy. The 100s, like most speakers, sound terrible without sufficient power.