Paradigm Studio 10 or Monitor 7 V 5?

Hi Gang,
I am trying to decide on some speakers for a secondary system and need to stay below 1K. What would you do...purchase Monitor 7 V5 floorstanders,(Which my dealer has...)or go with the new Studio 10 bookshelf? I have a feeling the Studio 10 is more refined with less bass perhaps, however a recent review in "good sound" says they have impressive bass. My amp is a Mcintosh 6300. Thanks for any opinions of these models.

Styles listened to: Classical, jazz and acoustic guitar. Also like vocals.
Studios if paradigm is your brand. the monitors are OK but to me they sounded a bit harsh and (can I say crunchy??) not as smooth. If not comitted to studios $1k will find lots of nice speakers (totem and era leap to mind from my recent review experience)
If you like Paradigm (and that's not a bad thing...) and you would consider used then you have even more options. You should be able to regularly find Studio 20s for well under $1K, possibly prior version 40s, and if you're lucky you might find Signature S2s. I still clearly remember when the Signature line first came out and I was parked at a certain dealer (in the B&W room, plus other goodies) and I heard those (relatively) little S2s - unbe-freakin'-lievable!

And as mentioned above, if you're looking beyond Paradigm there are other options in that price range - but I freely admit I'd get a pair of S2s. (No, I'm not a dealer nor in any way affiliated w/ Paradigm (oh, I wish I was...), I'm not selling anything, be sure to read the label, YMMV, etc. But unlike the stock market, past performance is a darned good indicator of how these will perform in the future...)
Cool!! Thanks Guys! I appreciate all and any additional input!
note that there is a S2 on the ads right now.

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