Paradigm Studio 10 as computer speakers?

Hi all,
I'm considering a pair of Studio 10s as computer speakers, but am a little concerned about having to actually sit them on a desk (as opposed to stands). Will this have negative effects on sound quality? I will be driving them with a Yamaha ax-596 amp and the listening distance will be 15" to 30". Is there a better choice in the same price range for passive near field listening? Thanks for your input.
If you scan the web, you can find some very short desktop stands for them. I build a 10 inch tall pair for my Mirage OMD-5s for my desk, and they work great. Brings them to ear level. I found the design by searching for short stands.

Eventually, I swapped them out for Anthony Gallo A'Diva on the desktop. They are less than 6 inches from the wall, and there is no bass bloom. Amazing coherence, timing and detail. Worth a look...needs sub though.

I agree with Mot. Go for either the Mirage OMD-5s or the Gallo A'Divas.
I did a quick internet search, and found the Wood Technology Furniture Grade Hardwood FGH-8O 10" speaker stands. Sears has them for $50. If you have the room on your desk, that would bring the speakers up to ear level.

The biggest issue I've had with desktop speakers is the bass bump from the walls. My desk is next to the wall and corner...putting the speakers less than 6" off the walls. The OMD-5s are brilliant speakers, but even with the acoustically sealed design, the bass reinforcement was too much. That would be my worry on the Studio 10s. Tryout a speaker on the desk to see how it fairs.

The A'Divas need that bass reinforcement, and thus sound fantastic next to the wall. Having a single driver, crossover-less, speaker for everything above 120hz is fantastic for near-field listening BTW.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for the input guys. The short stands sound like exactly what I need. I will definitely look into the Mirage and Gallo before pulling the trigger on the speakers. Another concern is that while sitting at my desk, I will actually be TOO CLOSE to the speakers for them to image properly, or create a reasonable sound stage. How close are you guys sitting in your setups? As I'm sitting here typing this, it looks as if the distance for me will be about 3 to 3.5 feet.
I'm at the same distance from my Gallo speakers. Single driver, crossover-less speakers image like crazy though, so it might not be a good comparison. The Studio 10s are a great speaker...if you can try them in your setup first, do so.