Paradigm speakers resale value

I am hoping someone can offer some clarification as to what my Paradigm speakers are worth. I really don't want to sell them but they are too big for my space and too heavy to move around. Any info would be greatly appreciated as to what I can reasonably ask for them.

Here is the list:

Monitor 9 V.2   towers

ADP-370 V.2    dual direction rear 

CC-370 V.2    center

PW2200  subwoofer 

They are in excellent condition as I have had them in dry warm storage for a few years and when I did use them they were not turned up and abused whatsoever. They sound awesome but I just can't hold on to them forever.

Thank you all for reading and I appreciate your opinion on these speakers. I do realize they are not top of the line but I did spend     $ 3100.00 on them.



Search a site called hifishark for your brand. If people are selling your type equipment, you will see the price they are asking and get an idea as to their worth.