Paradigm Speakers

What's a good Paradigm speaker (used prices) that I can use as a two speaker setup with my existing 5 speaker surrond sound system. Driving it with a 7.1 Marantz SR 8300 receiver so am concerned about having enough power and bass.
The Signature S4 is a sublime speaker and if you ever want to upgrade any other equipment, you can keep these and upgrade arournd them.

The Studio 60 is a great speaker as well.

Ideally if you could find the very hard to find Paradigm Active 40's (which no one wanted when Paradigm made them, and now they sell in a matter of minutes when anyone actually sells them) you don't have to worry about what your reciever is ever again, great speakers.
the paradigm export
I second the Paradigm 60...great speaker.
I second the Pardigm Active 40's. I had a pair in cherry veneer and they rocked. Actually I had a full 7.1 system with an Active CC, 4 Active ADP's. But I moved up to the Signature S1's, C1, and ADP1's which are the V2 series with the beryllium tweeters. They are a much smallers speaker and are a sealed cabinet but when specs say they can play 110db cleanly, can they ever!!!! They smoke my old active 40's.....