Paradigm speaker stands for 80?

I'm looking for some recommendation for speaker stand for my Paradigm Studio 20 for < $80. Any taker?
Thanks in advance
paradigm offers their own stands under the Premier label, intro stand cost $69, check it out on the paradigm website

Check this link out to Parts Express. I found it too late and overpaid for stands that I bought recently. Regards.
Maybe I should clarify on what I'm looking for a little bit better: I'm looking for a speaker stand that allows me to fill it with sand to reduce the stand resonant and my budget is <$80. Currently, my 1st and only choice is Premier-S version. I'm looking for more choices before I made the jump for the Premier-S stands.
I have the studio 20 also. I am using Lovan Affiniti 2400. I bought them from my paradigm dealer. They were I think 85 dollars for the pair. They do really well with this speaker and I have them filled with about 22 lbs of lead shot each. Hope this helps.
I checked out the link that Docwanock provided and found those stands look pretty nice for the price they asked for. Has anyone used them before and have any feedback?

Thanks for your helps, everyone.