Paradigm speaker help

I need help deciding on which speakers to get. I will be using them for 95% HT/TV and the room is 20 x 15 with 10 ft ceilings. I am debating between the Monitor 9 or 11 towers with center 3 or the SE3 towers with SE center. I will be adding a sub with the above speakers. I have listened to the 9's and liked the sound. Are 11's or SE3 worth the extra money? Also how does the SE3 compare to the 11's as they are the same price. Any help would help me out. Thanks!!
I have had the studio 40s series 4 for a while. I also wanted the Monitor series (previous version) but I was very disappointed and that's why I opted for the studio series. I got rid of the 40s after a year because I wanted bass without a sub, so I went with a pair of psb image t5. I still have them for tv/movies and I feel they are hard to beat for the money. I prefer them over the Monitor series any day. For music, I have a pair of rega rs5, which I love... they are as clear as the 40s, the sound comes out well beyond the speakers (unlike the psb), and they do bass! I was supposed to sell the t5 but decided to keep them so that I can swap from time time (I get bored and I like to change the sound!).
The t5 can be too bass heavy depending on the amplification. With NAD 315 integrated, they do way too much bass. With my Marantz 8400 integrated, they are ok.
With these two sets of speakers and integrated, I have the best of both world on a budget (good resolution or deep bass depending on my mood)
That's what I am having a hard time with in where I live. I really want to hear the PSB Image T6 & Imagine T Tower since they are getting rave reviews everywhere but there are no dealers anywhere close to me that carry them.

I listened to the Monitor 9 & Studio 60 and the 60 was amazing. $4k for the Studio 60/CC490/SVS Sub is a little more than I want to spend vs $3 for a Monitor 11/Center 3/SVS sub combo. I really want speakers that are clear and not to "muddy" with bass; but can deliver clean bass when needed.

I will have to upgrade my receiver soon as I have an older Sony DE835 but is rated at 100x5wpc so can hopefully hold me over for a bit.

Hopefully someone can chime in and help me lean a way so I can buy:)