paradigm signature when is it coming out?

I am looking forward to hearing the paradigm signature. How much are they and how much better is it from the studio line? What is you opinion on these speakers?
What is the Paradigm signature?I have been a Paradigm fan for many years and I own a pair of the Studio 100v.2's. Is the signature going to be their new top of the line product?
matter of fact yes, the signature is paradigms top check out the website and you'll see
Profrancis, perhaps you could let us all know where on Paradigm's web site we can find these new "signature" loudspeakers. I've been all over their web site and cannot find anything.
From what I understand the Signature Series are suppose to come out sometime in the middle of this year. There is only a prelude to the new line-up when you visit Paradigm's home page. My local Paradigm dealer informed me that they have pictures on their web site of the S Series. I have taken a look and they look pretty sweet. But don't let me be the judge, go take a look for yourself at: