Paradigm signature vs. Sunfire signature

General feedback of which one to use (why): paradigm signature Servo Speakers vs. Sunfire Subwoofer EQ signature

Here's the Paradigm Servo Signature and the smaller Sunfire Subwoofer EQ. The Sunfire Signature is a littel bigger, but I doubt it'll make much difference. The two products are no where close to each other. One produces very clean, loud bass (at a hefty price) and the other really shouldn't be considered a subwoofer.

It seems a bit cheesy to compare Paradigm's 15" sub against Carvers 10".

The only fair comparison would be with Carvers Top of the line 12" Signiture model.

One can only speculate why this apparent subwoofer shootout chose Carvers smaller cheaper and less capable model to make their comparisons?
Getheleadout, the Signature model has not been tested so I picked the only Sunfire model as an example of what to expect. The Signature's cabinet is 8 cubic inches larger and it has a larger driver, but it's still a tiny box (13" cubed).

The subwoofer tests are not "shootouts". Typically, the subs are provided by their owners to be tested.

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