Paradigm Signature V2 vs V3 series?

I one a full Paradigm Signature S1 v2, C1 v2 and adp1 v2 and want to upgrade my fronts. Should I go with the new v3 series with S1's? Or move to a S6 v2 or v3. Please advise any suggestions to differences between the two series. I am running a SVS Pb13 ultra subwoofer with the system. The S1's are amazing for home theater but want more impact and dynamic slam for analogue 2 channel(and movies). I think being a sealed speaker the overall output isn't as high as a ported floor standing, full range speaker like the S6's. Running seperate 220x5 amp and processor. All Synergistic Research Tesla SE power cords and wiring. Please help!Thx in advance.

Regards Bacardi
Bacardi, check some of the posts on this subject. A couple of the members complained about blowing their S-1s because of power overload. I think the S6 would be a safer bet, plus being a fuller range speaker.
Your absolutely rite, I blew my left tweeter last year with warranty coverage. Thx for that info:)
I agree with the idea of going with a larger (S6) speaker. The V3 and V2 are very similar, both contain the Be tweeters but the V3 has increased power handling in the woofers. The V3 are also more sensitive. If you dont need the sensitivity save the $ and go with the V2.
Docks; I thought the V3's added phase caps on the tweeters?
Bacardri, I was under the impression -- perhaps mistakenly -- the the V 2 and V 3 had the same tweeter. What changed was the misrange driver and the woofers were more sensitive in the V 3. As a result, the V 3 was 3db more efficient than the V 2. I've heard from others that the V 2 and V 3 sound very similar, but the change in sensitivity. But I may be wrong??