Paradigm Signature V2 vs V3.....

Has anyone tried the new Paradigm Signature V3 series(any model) and how does it compare to the old V2's? There is a review of the S8, C3, ADP3, & Sub 25 all v3 and all got great reviews. But I'd like to know any detailed differences between V2 & V3. I have a full S1 V2 system at present time...

Regards Bacardi
I have a pair of s-8's v-3. I have had them about 6 months.Im running them with BRYSTON GEAR.6 BSST AND AN SP 1.7 PREAMP.The v-3s are supposed to be alot more efficient than the v-2s.They get plenty loud and the bass is incredible.I have two jl audio f113 subs I dont even use except for movies..overkill!I purchased from Craig Schoomer of theatermax.GREAT GUY GREAT PRICES!
Bacardi, Hi... I can't speak to your specific qauestion, but I recently bought a pair of S6 v3's and they sound great. I have always had a nice system, but never have I received as many compliments from my friends as I am receiving now. The sound is crystal clear and the intricate sounds that are presented is incredible. Happy listening. Brian
I do agree with the smooth and delicate highs thx to the berrylium tweeters. I can't really speak for the bass as the S1's are all sealed but the midrange is pretty tight. The overall timbre matching is phenominal with the Sig 1 series as movies are just depthly engaging. I am running 220x5 into these babies and I think I am just looking for more impact and slam. I'm pretty sure the 7" drivers in the S6"s,C3,ADP3's will help with that.

I think if I was to upgrade I would get a pair of S6's V3, C3 & 2 pair of ADP3's. Then sell my SVS PB13Ultra and get a Sub 25(movies) and a Sub1(music). Thx all for your input....happy listening..

Regards Bacardi
In terms of sound quality i would say they are the same, but the V3s are made for extra power handling. I really love the Paradigm Signature series V2 or V3. The BE tweeter is fantastic.