Paradigm Signature Servo vs REL B1 / Stadium III

I have a Lexicon with Merlin vsm speakers driven with a parasound amp. The room is 15 x 15. I use the system 70% for home theater - movies and 30% music. Which of these, or others?, subs do you recommend. I have about $2k to spend. The local dealer has the Paradigm floor model on sale for $2k. It seems I can buy the above REL's used about the same.
You need to find out if this is the new version of the Servo 15, the new version is much better. I think the new one lists for $2200. You should borrow any woofer before you buy it. Woofers are one of the toughest things to get right You never know what will work best in your room and mated with your main speakers. I might suggest looking at 2 smaller woofers that can be placed at different distances from the walls to help overcome the fact that a square room is going to have large dips and humps because the same frequencies will be reinforced and cancelled in both directions.
Good idea. Thanks, What smaller units would you recommend?
Rel Quakes, Velodyne DD10's?
I just picked up a Velodyne DD15 and I can't praise it enough. Just amazing.
Thanks, I'll take a look/listen to it. Robert