Paradigm Signature S2 v1 Amp

Just picked up a pair of Paradigm Signature S2s and now need a solid amp.  Been browsing for decent deals, because I don't want to break the bank, but definitely want to best I can manage for the Signatures.  Hoping to keep it in the $1k ballpark, maybe a bit more if worth it.  Unfortunately, I don't have much experience with different brands...but I've narrowed it down to the following:

Peachtree Nova150 Integrated amp (or Nova300 if deemed worth it)
McIntosh MC122
Linn Klout

appreciate any help here, open to suggestions, thanks!!
Other quick thoughts.  Considering using pioneer elite receiver pre-outs and a sub as well.  Peachtree is intriguing to me because of the integrated DAC.  Does anyone have experience with this amp?

peachtree - new / warrantied
McItosh - used (obv.) / no warranty
Linn Klout - used (obv.) / no warranty

thanks again!