Paradigm Signature S1 vs Dynaudio Excite 12

here a very good mini monitors, i need some recommendation between both monitors, my room is a medium size 13 1/2 x 20 1/2, i am using primaluna dialog 2 integrated. thanks all.
Can't comment on the Paradigms, but I love my Dynaudio Excite X12s (in a room about the size of yours). They're very clear and smooth on top, with excellent bottom end punch. And they're easy to drive. The Paradigm is a closed box design, though, and might work better close to the wall.

Check out the Stereophile and Goodsound reviews. They describe my experience of the X12s pretty closely -- although I think that the Goodsound reviewer's sense that they're not especially "exiting" reflects the fact that the X12s are very neutral and revealing of the quality of the upstream electronics.
Not familiar with the Dynaudio's but I have the Paradigm S1's(v2) in stunning piano black along with ADP1 surrounds and C1 center. I am pushing 220 x 5 and they sound amazing. For a sealed encloser and at 110 db max volume you can't go wrong. You do need a sub with them considering the low bass is around 58. The berillium tweeter is just amazing in the high region as opposed to studio reference models. You would be very immpressed by me....My room size is 14x19 with 1 hall openning and the other end the dining room. These speakers really fill my room with 3 dimensional sound. Try them out, you'll thank me...

Regards Bacardi
thanks you guys.