Paradigm Sig. V3 vs Revel Studio 2


Does anyone have experience listening to these speakers? Considering upgrading to one of them. I haven't heard the Studio’s yet and know they are more laid back on the top end. Some people prefer the Signatures to the newer Persona line and they are much more affordable. I have owned 2 sets of Paradigm Studio’s and liked their sound. Looking for improvement in top end and mids. 
What electronics do you have ? Gonna need a much more powerful amp for the Revels. Need high wattage high current power for those Revels. 
Currently have a Marantz pre and Rotel 200 x 5, but considering an upgrade to a Parasound 300 x 2 if need be. 
Hmm. Well you could use 4 channels of the rotel and biamp. Assuming the Revel is way more expensive? The Paradigms cam definitely get bright but I like them. The Revels overall I think are the superior speaker but much more demanding. 
I'd have to give the nod to the Revels but have not hear that Paradigm model. I have heard the Paradigm sound for over 25 years and always thought they were great value speakers and very recommendable for folks getting into the game.

I'd sure try bi-amping first before dropping money automatically on new amplification if you get the Revels.
For the Paradigm Signature V3 line there was the S1, the S2, the S6 and the S8.  They don't all sound the same, and I'm not sure how many models were/are in the Revel Studio line.  So the OP needs to decide which models specifically he is considering, to get more than basic generalities.