Paradigm Servo Sub Fix

I bought a Paradigm Reference Servo 15 a few months back and have been plagued with an annoying transformer hum. I just spoke with my dealer and he informed me that Paradigm recognizes the problem and has put together a free kit that can be used to deaden/dampen the noise from the transformer (one must unscrew the amp from the sub and do the fix ).

If you have one and have noticed a slight hum and it bothers you at all, you should consult your dealer and he will order the kit for you. I'm very pleased to know that my noise floor will be sinking soon...
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Hmmm... I'd not heard of this problem prior to your post. I actually run two of these beasts in a very quiet dedicated room. They cover the bottom-most octave only in a high-end two-channel set up. One of them is only a few feet from the listening position (between the back of the couch and the CD racks mounted to the rear wall). Sounds like there must be some variability in the quality of the power supply transformers. You don't live in a place that uses 50hz ac for power are you? I know some people have posted similar concerns about gear that didn't behave as well on 50 hz ac as it did on its native 60hz.
i had problems with the second sub i had to replace the servo control cable they are not shielded adiquitly older model.