Paradigm Servo 15 V2

Does anybody have any experience with this Subwoover???
This concerning the sound and quality of the beast.

Looking for a tigh, tigh, dry and quick low end!!!


I have the original Servo 15, a great sub for the money and extremely powerful, I have never been able to overload it. It is the one component that has been a mainstay in my system, many others have come and gone.
Very accurate and tunefull bass for music and also great for home theater.
When using the x-30 crossover it offers plenty of flexibility to use with almost any speaker.
I purchased mine new for $1,500 and there wasn't anything close in my opinion at the time for under $2,000.
There are better subs but at a much higher cost and the margin will be small. I don't think you will be disappointed with the Servo 15.
I spent time auditioning the Paradigm Servo 15 V2, Velodyne DD18 and ACI Maestro. All were very good performers with the Velo being the slight better of the three. Either sub would be good to own, all went low (25hz) with good performance and all sounded tight and had impact. Either of these units with proper EQ and bass traps works for HT and music depending on how extreme or refined your tastes and system are.

If I had to rank 'em
Velodyne DD18
ACI Maestro
Paradigm 15 V2

Good Luck

Thx Launche for youre remarks on the Paradigm 15 v2

Anybody else know this sub better and can tell me more about it.


If it is at least marginally superior to it's predecessor, then they have one of the best subs ever made for the consumer market, for it's class, IMO! That sub does so well across the board (set up well, of course), that it's a no brainer/lose for the money. No doubt! One of my fav's all time for HT/music dubties in an all out system indeed.