Paradigm Seismic for music?

I'm interested in toying with subs since I will be moving to a dedicated room and can actually have bottom end without annoying the neighbors. My system is quite small, at the moment with Paradigm Studio 20 v3. It seems the Paradigm Seismic subs are quite impressive, although I've yet to hear one. Does anyone know if they work well for music? This will go in my two channel only room. I know the Servo 15 paradigm used to make was good, but I wanted something smaller.

I'm not crazy with the 1350 dollar price tag of the 10", but I have a feeling that properly dialed in, it might be just what I'm looking for. Any advice?

I'm running a Seismic 12 with Signature S4's and it fills in quite nicely. I run it pretty hard in the 5.1 setup - it's incredible for movies but I turn the subwoofer level way down for 2 channel. Like most subs - if you push it too hard with music; you can over do it (IMO). Overall, I think it's reasonably musical. I moved it around quite a bit as well. I have spots in my room where it sounds pretty lousy and one spot in particular it really fills in the low frequencies. You might like it more due to the amount you will be gaining. Both the Signature S2's and the S4's (very similar design to the reference series) aren’t heavy bass speakers so the sub seems to fit right in.

In addition, I had to play with my crossover point for quite a while until I got it dialed in just right. I had planned on going to a Velodyne DD 15 but I'm so happy with the Seismic I decided to keep in ... in fact I'm thinking of adding two Seismic 10's in-line with the S4's and keep the Seismic 12 for my 5.1 setup.

I have seen The 12's go for $1000 and the 10's for $750 used. I figure by the time I'm done I will still have less into my subs than if I went with the DD-15 and I wont have to keep re-adjusting.
The Paradigm Seismic is great for movies. I'm not sure if you want it for music.It has bass that will loosen fillings no kidding! The Onix rocket UF subwoofer could be a better fit for a music system.Someone on Agon just sold a new one for $450..smoking deal.