Paradigm seismic 110 subs? Any owners?

Thinking about a pr. of these to compliment my YGA Carmels. I want as small as possible while still adding good bass, and these seem to fit that bill. Any one heard, owned, or compared them to anything else thats out there?
Other options are the JL Audio F10s.
Have a JL F110 sub music is very fast and bass exceptionally tight. Should mate well.
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It was the measurments in the whathifi review that made me think these subs would be very good for there size.
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Thanks Bob. I guess i will look and see if i can make some thing bigger work.

I'm sure you have purchased a sub or subs by now.

I came across the thread and thought I would post. I have a actually heard/owned the seismic 110 as well as the three models of the JL subs 10", 12" and 13"

IMO the seismic 110 is one of the best subs on the market for the price. While it doesn't have the output* of the JL113 or even the 112, *(by output, I"m refering to the ability to shake my whole listening room, not any measurement posted from the manufactures) sonically its very very good and in many ways very similiar to the sonic quality of the JL subs. I would say its room shaking ability is 80% of the JL f113. It's excellent for movies or music and next to the sub 1 and sub 2, I think its the best sub Paradigm has ever made. I feel that it terms of musicality it outperforms the Paradigm Sub 12 which is almost double the price of the seismic 110.

If I had a pair of Carmels and the room for it, I would purchase two JLf113s and a Marchand crossover and call it a day. If size and room were an issue, I think I could be happy with a pair of seismic 110s, but you would still need an outboard crossover to mate it up right with your speakers. Marchand crossovers outperform the Bryston and they are 1/2 the costs.