Paradigm SE7 mk3 or paradigm monitor 7 v3?

Hello, I'm putting together my first speaker system and I've come across two deals and I can't decide which one to jump on.

The first is a paradigm se7 mk3 setup that includes a cc300 center channel. the total price of this setup is going to come between 200 and 250$

The second setup is a pair of monitor 7 v3's with a cc370 center, which he is asking 520$ for but i might be able to talk him down, i havent tried yet.

The main purpose of this setup is listening to records and watching movies on my tv. with more priority on records, but I'm pretty set on getting one of these two sets.

Are the newer models worth twice the price pretty much? that's my main quesiton

and I'll also mention, what would be a good reciver for a setup like this? i already have a phono amp so the reciever doesnt need that. I'd like to keep total cost under 1000$ including my purchase of a music hall mff5 turntable for 400, so I have about 600$ left for the speakers and reciever. I could go over if the monitor 7's are going to kill the se7 in sound quality though.

thanks so much
I'd go with the 7se mk 3 just because of the price difference and spend the $300 saved elsewhere in your system. With that being said, I haven't heard the monitor 7, and it's been awhile since I listened to the 7se mk3 and that's why I didn't post, but since no one else did, I figured that I would. Anyways, good luck!
So, which ones did you go with and how do you like them?