Paradigm SA-35 vs Focal 807V Opinions Needed

I know this is kind of a strange request but I need opinions from people have heard the Paradigm SA-35. If you haven't heard the Focal , maybe you have heard the Paradigm Studio 20's as they are in the similar sound quality.
I am setting up a 2 channel audio only system in my family room and am looking for opinions on speakers. The room is L shaped with a 13ft x 13ft listening area that opens up to a larger 22ft of 13ft area. My amp is a Onix Melody SP3 tube amp.

I recently listened to several bookshelf speakers and really liked the Focal 807V's . They had decent bass for a bookshelf and brilliant highs. I also listened to the smaller Paradigm studio speakers but liked the Focals more. I was ready to go ahead with the 807V's but my wife really hates bookshelves and floorstanders , preferring in wall on thinner on wall options.

I am considering the Paradigm SA-35's in walls as an alternative to the Focal Bookshelf speakers. They appear to be a high end in wall they claim is based on their studio series but I cannot hear them where I live.

Does anyone have any opinion on the SA-35's and any insight as to whether they would be on a performance level equal to the Focal's ? The cost is about the same. I would like to avoid a sub at least for now and I know I could live with the Focal's without a sub.

Thanks for any comments.
Are you aware that Focal has some inwall versions of the 706/806 models?

A friend of mine has the 807v speakers and they sound great.
I see that Focal have some in walls but the Paradigms are larger woofers for what I would expect to be better low end so I could hopefully avoid a sub. Also the paradigms are about the same price as the 807V's I auditioned.

I guess this question is more about whether any in wall such as the SA-35 is on a level with the Focal 807V . Anyone out there hear the SA-35 ? Did they measure up to good bookshelf speakers?
I wish I could hear a set but that is not possible where I live.
I don't think any inwall speaker will compete with the 807v.
I kind of figured no in wall would compete but thought there may be more input on the sa-35. I went ahead and ordered the focal's