Paradigm S8 vs. Sonus Faber Cremona M

I am having hard time deciding between these speakers. I can get each for about 6K used. I have auditioned them both at a dealer, and I like them both. However, I find it very hard to compare them given the lapse of time in between and the difference in gear and rooms. Paradigms have great reviews, but can they compare to the build quality of the SFs?
Out of the brands mentioned, this is how I'd categorize them in general. The MAC that has output coupling transformers (Autoformers) have highs that can be too mellow or soft sounding, in comparison to a neutral amp. Krell can be at the opposite end, having too much highs, too revealing, or some may refer to them as bright sounding. Bryston would fit in the middle somewhere, and lean towards being neutral, and may be one to consider. Ayre is also in the middle of this group, but sort of a more refined version of a Bryston. Sometimes people will say the Ayre may be a little bright in some systems, but I don't think it is the case all of the time. This is my personal take on these. Again, this is just in general, and going by memory for some. Also my use of neutral is for the highs and lows, being closer to flat, nothing added, or taken away. Every brand may have some products that stray from their more common sound, or house sound.
The paradigms are very linear (look up the freq response) and shouldn't sound harsh or hot by any means. That said take a look back at your room and source material. You may be surprised with how revealing these speakers are.

Paradigm is pretty big and can spend less money to make a better speaker with more buying power and research. The S8s will hang with the best of them.
01-31-12: Docks
The paradigms are very linear (look up the freq response) and shouldn't sound harsh or hot by any means

I haven't seen a good review test of this model done by someone like Stereophile to verify that. Their other models seem to have a history of it, from what I see, and hear.

That's the S8s tested in a true chamber.
Docks, they didn't test the other speakers where they produce that offensives ringing either. I can't stand to be in the room with them, and I've seen other people that have a problem with their speakers also. Again, I would go toward a high-end speaker.

Paradigm has always been a mid-fi speaker.Test results that show their offensive tweeters that's not reflected in the test you provide on this other model. It seems to be their design, and house sound characteristic anymore. If you look right above 20kHz, that's where their tweeters seem to go crazy, and get offensive. A lot of noise over 20 kHz here. Links [][] []