paradigm s8 vs psb synchrony one

Which one is better?

I'm thinking of buying s8. But want to know is there any speaker better than either s8 or psb in that price range?
Only you can decide which one is better to you.Everyone hears differently.
I love my Synchrony Ones. The midrange is superb. Great bass and treble, too. And they look awesome. I run them just fine with a Macintosh MA6900(200 w per channel). I bought them based on the Stereophile review without comparing them to anything and I have been very happy with them. If you find another brand to compare them to please post the results for us.
i've auditioned both the psbs and the paradigms, though not side-by-side; they're actually very similar in presentation--lively-but-neutral, very well balanced throughout the spectrum, extremely detailed high end. my sense was the psbs had a bit more low end energy; the pardigms were definitely less sensitive to placement and sounded just as good near wall. for me, it's a coin flip--they're both great speakers and you won't go wrong with either. in the same price range, i'd also consider vmps rm-30, von schweikert vr4jr, revel f32/52 and proac response; if you're buying used you'll also find totem wind and various tylers.
I am considering the s6 against the Synchrony Ones, although I can get the Ones quite a bit cheaper where I am. In particular they'd be for a room about 18 x 14 feet, so I don't want boomy bass.

Anyone tried the s6?

Also what improvements were there from the v2 series to the v3 series Paradigm Sigs?