paradigm s8 v3 vs. revel f52 any preference ?

looking for speakers in 3k to 5k range 2ch.-home theater eventually fronts for now.must be small footprint to accommodate small house! I have 3 7bsst brystons, 1 6bsst, sp 1.7 processor,2 jl audio f113 subs. I listen to just about everything my preference is rather loud.eventually will grow into larger speakers but for now...any suggestions
two great speakers--you can't really go wrong with either. the paradigms are easier to drive and place and I believe have the smaller footprint; for loud music they'd probably be my choice. i'd encourage you to audition both.
I was in the exact same boat and picked up the paradigm s8s :)
I have had the s8s V3 for about 3 months.I HAVE NEVER HEARD THE REVEL 52S.Im impressed with their open sound stage,as far as the bass is concerned,Ive turned off my two JL AUDIO F113 subs and use them only for movies.The S8s really get low.My room is less than ideal and really sucks the bass out of it,but these still sound great.I cant wait to put these in my next house in a much more appropriate room .BRIAN