Paradigm S4's to Linn LK140 - thoughts?

Despite some great advice on how to ramp up the performance of my old Quicksilvers there is no real seperation of (somewhat damped) vocals.

Earlier posts have suggested that Paradigms and Tubed amps are not always good bedfellows so I am thinking of adding an LK140 to power the mid/upper.

Any thoughts on the viability of the combo - or maybe just going with the Linn amp ?

Pre amp is a Vincent SA T1

Many thanks
Paradigm speakers have never been my favorite. That said, Linn makes great products (speakers included) so you may want to look at a complete
Linn speaker amp combo. To me the whole " mix and match" approach to hifi is so difficult that it sometimes is huge relief to a music lover when they hear a matched system from a top quality company.

At the least you may want to try all Linn amplification ( pre and power) on your Paradigms.