Paradigm S4, Revel Gems, VSA VR 2???

I'm looking for either a standmount monitor with decent bass or a smallish floorstander for my smallish room. Due to the size of my room I don't want anything deeper than 20". Something with even less depth than that would be good because the front wall has to be pretty close to the back of the speaker. I'm looking only used (got slaughtered buying new on my first couple components that're now gone and won't make that mistake ever again) with a price range of $1,500 to $2,500.

I've never heard any of these speakers but have heard all their bigger siblings:
VR4-JR-didn't impress... I think the room was poorly setup
Ultima Studio- blew me away; hearing them is what got me into this hobby
S8-also impressed me a ton; I started upgrading after hearing these
I'm definitely going to try to demo the speakers before I buy them, too, so I'm not that interested in speakers without many dealers, etc.

I'm not limited to these speakers in any way though I'm only interested in speakers that come up on here often enough to get an idea of price before buying.

My music taste is all over the board. I listen to a lot of:
indie- The Shins, Sufjan Stevens, The Subways, The Kooks, Maximo Park...
punk- My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, Coheed and Cambria, Mars Volta...
classic rock- Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Deep Purple...
jazz- Keith Jarret, Tord Gustavsen, Arild Andersen (lots of ECM stuff)
adult- Tracy Chapman, Neil Davis (the piano collection is a heavy favorite)

I pretty much listen to everything, but basically I'm either rocking out with something uptempo and the volume cranked or relaxing and reflecting with something quiet and more introspective. My speakers need to reflect this and be able to handle both loud, dynamic rock and quiet, subtle jazz and piano (very important). Speakers will be paired with a Musical Fidelity A5 Integrated and CDP.
have you heard of Zu Cable and their Druid speaker.It is sold new factory direct for around $3000,I think.From what you posted I have a feeling you might love it.And it would rock with your system.Go to or Zu sight if interested.
You might want to add the Totem Acoustic Mani-2 loudspeaker to your list.
"On the face of it, the Totem Mani-2 represents poor value for money—nearly $4000 for a pair of conventional-looking minimonitors, not including stands. Yet its combination of clean treble, transparent midrange, natural dynamics, and powerful extended bass allowed the speakers to step to one side, allowing the music to communicate in a most effective
manner. It is one of the few speakers I could happily live with. If you have a smallish room, and you value bass extension and are prepared to pay for it, the Mani-2 can be enthusiastically recommended." - Stereophile Review,
Totem Mani-2