paradigm s2's?

i currently own a pair of paradigm studio 20's v.2 they really seem to have come into their own over the last couple of months, and would not have thought about replacing them until speaking with my dealer today and hearing about the s2's. he told me he'd give me about $675 trade for my 20's toward a purchase of the s2's. which means the s2's would cost me about $1300. I could probably afford that, although it's a bit of a stretch. i'd appreciate any thoughts that folks have. the major parts of the rest of my channel system is a vpi scout tt/benz ref 2 silver cart/dynavector p-75 phono stage/sim audio moon i-5 int. amp. i listen only to vinyl, mostly jazz and other acoustic music, although once in a while i'll rock out... so are the s2's the way to go here, or should i consider something else? oh yeah, i only have room for bookshelves/monitors, no floor standings.

Audition the S2s side-by-side with the Studio 20s at your home and make your decision based upon that. Anything else is just supposition and speculation...