Paradigm Reference v.1 versus v.2?

I am getting a pair of Studio 60's v.2. Does anyone know the differences between the newer versions and the older ones? Is there an improvement in sound?
Less cabinet resonance.
Improved midrange.
Smoother transition across drivers.
50% more backaches--V2 is a LOT heavier.
Hey Lockss-I have the V-1 Reference 80's. I bought mine from a dealer who offered a 100% one year trade up.My one year was almost up.At the time I had the V-1 20's which are an awesome small speaker.
I struggled with the temptation to get the V-2 80's or V-2 100's when they first came out.I went to the dealers with the intent of at least getting the V-2 80's.
The dealer's setup allows true A/B'ing of his speakers.A flick of a switch is all it takes.
I A/B'd the V-1 80's against the V-2's and also the V-1 80's against the V-1 100's.He didnt have the V-2 100's in yet.
The salesman was very good about spending lots of time standing to the side doing the 'flicking' I spent an hour or so listening to the various speakers.
I was hard pressed to hear a difference between the V-1-80's and V-2 80's.I told the salesman I wasnt sure if there was a difference.After the audition he told me he and other salesman felt the V-1 80's and V-2 80's sounded the same.
Listening to the A/B of the V-1 80's and V-1 100's showed me how little difference was between these also which surprised the heck out of me.I expected a bigger,fuller sound but it just wasnt there.The bass was really the only difference,a tad deeper with the V-1 100's but with the same degree of tightness the V-1 80's offered.
The 100's are 91dB sensitivity,the 80's 92dB.I listen to mostly classic rock,modern rock and metal so the 1dB difference was important to me also.There is an audible difference with just 1dB.
After the audition I discussed what I had heard with the salesman.He told me he and the other salesman felt about the same regarding the 80's vs the 100's.
As the store was phasing in the V-2 line they had killer prices on the V-1 Reference series.I picked up the floor demo V-1 80's for a song.I really was leaning towards the V-2 80's due to the improvement in cosmetics but decided it wasnt worth an extra $600.I walked out with the V-1 80's and sadly left the 20's and stands behind.
The V-1 and V-2 line is different in cosmetics as Ive mentioned.Im sure you've seen that.The internal bracing is heavier also.I have read the tweeters are different but they looked the same to me in the store.
My recommedation to you Lockss, is to skip the V-2 60's and find a pair of V-1 80's here on AudiogoN.You should be able to get a mint pair for under $1000
Bishopwill-Yes,maybe in theory but my and others ears say differently.
Also,yes,the v-2's are heavier,but not "a LOT"
I was under the impression the v2 versions have shielded cabinets for home theater applications...that would explain why they are heavier, but sound essentially the same. Can anyone else shed any light?
The difference is about 10kg (I think) and is due to internal crossbracing, not to shielding. My Sony can testify that they are NOT shielded.

David, I'm intrigued. What do your and other ears hear? If you find the V1 sonically superior to the V2 you will be the first person I've heard from who hold that opinion.
Bishopwill-Please read my long post above.
I didnt say I found the V-1 better than the V-2.
Please read what I wrote.