Paradigm Reference Studio 40 v.2

Can anyone care to commnent on the best choice of amps for the speakers, say if the choice is between a Quad 606II and a Perreaux 3150? What in your opinion should be expected from each amp if paired with the Paradigm 40's?

I basically listen to almost all kinds of music but more inclined to anything acoustic rather than electronic stuff.
I have the Studio 100's. You will want a high current amp of pretty good wattage in the neighbourhood of 125 - 150Wpc for the 40 and more for the bigger speakers in the line. Good cabling is also a must. I use the Virtual Dynamics Audition cables all around. Good quality electronics really show off just what the Paradigms can do! Good luck.
Thank you for your insight into the Paradigms. I will keep it in mind when the time for final audition and selection comes.