Paradigm Reference Studio 100v2. anybody listening?

Looking for advice. Not getting the low end that I feel the 100v2 are capable of. Where am I going wrong? Syztem has tons of clean volume, soundstage. Here is what Im working with: 
Sudiotech stand, shelves are spiked, CD player is on Nordost Pulsar Points, and a Gutwire Note Pad rests on the transport. 
Nordost Shiva power core cor CD player
CD player - Rotel RDC991AE BALANCED 
Straigtwire Crescendo balanced 
PREAMP - CLASSE CP35 balanced 
Audioquest Cheetah balanced 
AMPLIFIER - Mark Levinson no 334 balanced 
Audioquest Gibralter  single biwire 8'
Paradigm Reference studio 100v2 on spikes
The system sounds lean. Anyone have an ideas?

I see some folks have read my post. Unfortunately no responses yet. I'm hoping someone out there can shed some light. How about if I approach it this way....
Is it possible that the speaker sensitivity is too high for the amp? They are rated at 8 ohms. Are they not presenting enough load?
Is the preamp not a good match for the amp? I have no experience matching them. Its always been pioneer receivers up until now. 

Are the speaker cables too light? I believe they are 12 awg overall but they are split into interal biwire. Does that lower the awg?

The amp doubles and triples its wattage from 8/4/2 ohms, 125, 250,500 watts. Is my wall outlet the problem? Do I need a power conditioner?

I know the CD player has some miles but I also have an Oppo dvd player that is newer. The Rotel, ($1200.00 When new) still outperforms it.

Can anyone answer help these questions.
Thanks again! 

your room could be a major factor
Yes, I also question the room. Have you had other speakers in this room and or with this equipment that performed well?
Thanks for the replies. It's been bookshelf speakers and receivers up until now. It has to be the room. Going to move some furniture and reposition the speakers. I used the Stereophile test cd and I have a lot of work to do. I repeated the bass warble and while moving around the house to various areas, the bass response was better than in the room? Any ideas? 


keep working that Stereophile test CD for best results.
Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
I think I have found the solution. Read the Cardas website for room setup. Moved some furniture. I have the speakers on a different wall and new and improved spacing. Low end is much better. 

I'm thinking of making a change in 
Thanks for the guidance!

Ive had a few different paradigm speakers they all seem to benefit from heavier gauge wire .I use 9 awg It seems to sound a little cleaner and deeper. Im looking into a pair of 100 v-1s. Do you know of any minor or major differences between the  100v-1s to the 100v-2s? 

I don't have any experience with the v1. Speaker. I can tell you that there is a "huge" difference between the v2. and v3. My friend has the v3. Driving them with a Rotel 1070 amp, NAD preamp and an Arcam diva cd93t. ($1800.00 cd player) his v3' have much greater low end, better all around sound.

The newer version has tons of newer tech. Thinner profile, curved cabinet, 3 woofers and a newer midrange with a phase plug. Crossover parts are probably better also. Paradigm seems to better themselves, in my opinion on every model change. 

By the way, what type of speaker wire did you have success with on the Paradigm speakers? 
Thanks,  I used rogue audio 9 gauge cables I bought from eBay. Its actually a Bi wire cable with the separate wires totaling 9 and I put them both on the same post. But 10 gauge normal speaker wire works fine. For me there is noticeable difference over the 12 gauge.