Paradigm Reference Servo 15 Version 2 Subwoofer

Does anyone out there own or has heard the new Paradigm Reference Servo 15 version 2 with the built in 1400 watt amp?
If so, what are your impressions of it?
Has anyone compared it with the original Paradigm Reference Servo 15 with the 400 watt amp?
If so, what were the differences?
Is the new version significantly better?
Thanks for your help.
I meant to say 1,200 watt amp NOT 1,400 watt amp.
My mistake!
Be patient,its Easter for some.I have not heard any of their line yet,but hope to one year,Bob
Lanny I may try to find the time to audition this unit tomorrow. I have a friend who is a dealer for Paradigm. I know he has this unit. I just haven't sat down to listen to the newest version but I have heard the previous version.I did listen to the Paradigm Seismic 12..this sub will rattle your eye teeth out! It should with a peak output of 4500 watts!