Paradigm Reference owners, Kimber, JPS or MIT?

I have the Studio 40s powered by a Nakamichi AV-10 receiver with everything below 80Hz crossed over to two Mirage BPS150i subs for both music and movies. My 6 month plan is to upgrade to an Anthem MCA5 amp and use the AV-10 as a pre, then finally upgrade to the Anthem AVM20 pre.

Cables I've tried so far: Radio Shack MegaCable OK bass, recessed in the mids, harsh highs. BetterCables.Com internally bi-wired muddy bass harsh midrange. Improved after breakin but not enough. Monster Powerline 2 external bi-wired (old cables I had for years) Great bass more forward mids, spitty sound on Ss and Ts and some overall harshness. Transparent MusicWave Plus sounded very nice, smooth and non-fatiguing. I have to admit that I fell in love with the sound of Transparent MusicWave Plus cables hooked up to my speakers but they are over my $300 budget. Then I found out about the similarities between Transparent and MIT.

So, here I am, after trying some cables and reading all the forums and magazine reviews my short list is Kimber 4TC external bi-wire, JPS Ultraconductor external bi-wire or MITerminator 2 bi-wire (internal). All are around my $300 budget for a 6ft bi-wire pair.

Your comments or recommendations are welcome. BTW, except for the spitty stuff, I don't find these speakers to be overly bright as some suggest. So I'm not too concerned about "bright" cables (JPS and Kimber?.
I have Studio 20 speakers and used to have some problems with the Ss. Recently, I bit the bullet and made 2 pairs of Chris VH CAT-5 cables and the Ssshhh problem disappeared. Very happy with the result.
Good luck.
As owner of a pair of Paradigm Eclipses my pic for speaker cable was the Kimber 8TC and have no complaints so far . My upgrades that have made the most difference was a Mark Levinson No. 37 transport with a Lexicon DC-1 as a DAC . The Levinson really made a huge upgrade in sound but did notice a slight harshness to the vocals and at first contributed it to the older 20 bit DAC in the Lexicon and then I had the idea to try some of the different interconnects I had around to the L + R preamp to amp connection . Anyway when I moved my Kimber KCAG cables to the L + R connections the WOW factor finally came into play! So now am trying a Kimber Select 1030 pair with KCAG going to the center channel and one of the rear speakers and the KCAG made the vocals smoother than before for the center channel.
The KS-1030s are not broken in yet but are sounding very good so far . The clarity and detail are just AWESOME with the Kimber interconnects so I suggest if you really want to make an improvement to your system try the KCAG interconnect !!