Paradigm ref100's and Odyssey Stratos?

I'm looking to move to a larger speaker that can handle my Rock&Roll w/o a sub. Right now I have a pair of VA Bach's and a M&K MX-150 sub setup for two-channel music via an Outlaw ICBM. I'm not real happy with the setup. I'd like to get rid of that extra hop and have just two speakers.
Are the Paradigm's up to the solo task and will they mate will with my Stratos amp? Pre-amp is Sonic Frontiers Line 1.

I have the 100's with a Line 1 and an Anthem MCA-20 and a Musical Fidelity A3 CD. Bass is definitely very good for rock. Good cabling is a must as is a high current amp. I am not familiar with the Stratos amp. The Anthem amp might be the weak link in my own chain but on the whole I am very happy with the bass response. This with the speakers 5 feet from the back wall and about 2.5 - 3 feet from the side walls. I did have my PW220 sub hooked to the back of the Line 1's second pair of outs for a little while but the bass lost some clarity so I hooked it back up to my SSP's sub out jack and no longer use it for two channel. When you go auditioning the Paradigms insist on having a really good amp hooked up to show what they can do. Also, go for the real wood veneer - I wish I did. Good luck.
Thanks for the response Cosmic_void. I'm going to try your approach with the sub out of the SF. I need my sub with my current speakers. I picked up an Outlaw ICBM and so far haven't been very pleased with the results. I'll try their tech support once again before I decide to ship it back.
Don't forget that most subs need some breakin before they start sounding anywhere near good.

I hooked my sub back up to the Line 1 today with two cable runs to the low level inputs. I have set the frequency cut off to just over 50 Hz. I was getting very poor bass response with it hooked to the SSP because the SSP trimmed the 100's at 80 - 90 HZ the stupid dolby/THX cut off point for bass seperation. I think I will have to mess around with sub positioning to get that last little soup├žon of clarity. I think I also have to spike my sub instead of using the rounded feet that came with it.

I think you would enjoy the Studio 100's and they are a great value.