Paradigm ref studio 40's?

Hello:need info on paradigm studio 40's,currently have the studio 20's but would like to improve bass response,will appreciate any inputs even on different brand that will provide such a step up around same price range,thx,AL
I own a pair of Paradigm Ref Studio 60's. If you want more bass you might check them out. They are an excellent set of speakers.
I listened to both the Paradigm Ref. Studio 40s and 60s about a year ago. Ended up buying the Studio 60s. The two are close but I felt the studio 60s offered "bigger" sound; they are floor standers as opposed to the stand mounted Studio 40s. You should be able to find the Studio 60s used for around $800. At the time I also listened to the Sound Dynamics RTS-9 and the Vandersteen 1. Both are very good and can be had for around $700 - $900. The RTS-9s had the best imagining and soundstage of the lot - but, for me, listener fatigue set in after a couple of songs. For sheer musical warmth the Vandersteens were a joy to listen to. I believe the bass response is similar to the Studio 60s. My problem is that my audio and video systems are combined. The Vandersteens would have required me to buy a new center channel and surrounds. Hope this helped