Paradigm Ref 20 Vr 3 Versus Vienna Hayden ?

I have heard the haydens and like them, I have not been able to hear the new paradigm ref 20 V3's, looking for opinions between the 2 or alternatives, thanks
I have heard both and the VA's are well above the S-20's. Paradigm does a lot right but VA is just more detailed and less "speaker present" that the Paradigm. Also the Haydens have a much more beautiful cabinet. If you like the Haydens you will be sold on them after hearing the Paradigms.
Yes,the Haydens are great. If you can get the Bach's you be getting a better deal for the money. The sound that they produce is quite excellent. The Bach is almost twice the Hayden.
I owned the Haydn's and traded them in for the Bach's. They were my first silk tweeters and I fell in love with the Bach's. What type of music do you listen to? I listen mainly to rock and while some would argue the VA line isn't a good rock speaker I enjoy it. It does have some problems at louder levels...the woofer bottoming out. This goes for both the Haydn and the Bach.
I haven't heard the Ref 20's, but some think these are unbeatable at their price point and class.

If you could share with us what you are looking for in a speaker we may be able to help out a bit more.