Paradigm Quality Problem

I am planning to buy some Paradigm speakers. A buddy of mine told me that he exchange some Paradigms speakers to some Mirage speakers because of a Quality Problem. Is there anyone that have heard some Quality Problems with the Studio Reference serie of Paradigm Speakers??? I appreciate the help of all Audiogon people! thanks
I've owned 3 sets of Reference series, 2 center channels and a servo 15 and NEVER had a quality problem Wonderful speakers!!
I have Paradigm Phanton V.2's (split HT and music-tube amp duty), CC170, and Titan V.2's(digital side of the house) and I love 'em. I've run the Phantoms on a 30wpc vintage tube amp and they rock sans the sub. I can only speak poorly of the PS-1000 (had a overly loud xformer hum). It shook the house on movies, but due to it's design(bandpass/ported cavity) it was in a state of suffering on music. Emailled Paradigm Tech support several times on the sub's xformer hum and they got right back to me. 4 days later I took it back to the dealer and picked up a MB Quart D1200si for no additional coin out the pocket. I know these speakers aren't in the same class as the step-up Reference line, but IMHO they are built well and and perform well over their price point! And I almost forgot, I got an 18 month trade up window, where I'd get what I paid for them if I'm steppin up the Paradigm product line --can't beat that with a big stick - I'd say buy with confidence--have fun!
Find this hard to beleive. QC at Paradigm is better than most.
Guys! I want to thank all of you. I m going to buy the reference series this week end :) Happy listening!