Paradigm Premier. Thoughts

Looking at replacing my old Dali and was considering the Paradigm.  Trying to not go over $1,000.  Room is only about 10 x 12.  Currently looking at integrated amps to replace my older Rotel 850 and 1066 with something with a good DAC.  Currently either the NAD or Marantz units. 

And go.
Outstanding. Have you heard them? Keep in mind the smaller floor stander is like $1500 -- so, over your budget. If you meant the bookshelf speakers, I’d try your hardest to spend a little more and get the small floor standers vs the big bookshelfs.
Actually the bookshelf units are between 800-1000. I think the Prestige are what you are thinking of.  
Definitely not.  The smaller floor stander Premier is $1,600 for the pair.  I think you misread my post.  
If you like Dali, I will say that at RMAF the new $1,400/pair Dali Oberon 7 floor standers wowed a group of us there.  We couldn't figure how they got that great bass out of them.  The mids and highs were impressive as well.
Sorry you are correct I didn't read floor stander. I did get a chance to listen to the bookshelf ones.  I liked them. But no real wow.  
Seems like you’re making lateral moves on both parts rather than really improving anything.  Going from Dali to Paradigm and Rotel to NAD or Marantz is like trading the Mustang for the Camaro. I would look at the Anthem STR Integrated and make those Dali’s sing!
The Premier 200b, along with the new monitor audio studio, were 2 of my favorites / highlights this year at rmaf.

I think the Premier series sound great and are great speakers for the $!