Paradigm Personas anyone heard them

No reviews on these yet that I can find. Curious if anyone has heard them and what were your impressions. Also any comparisons to the outgoing signature series?
Just like any team, the pieces  have to fit. When paired properly they are a fantastic speaker. Just have to have a basic understanding of what will work with them as far as electronics , wire and dac ( if digital). I love my 5fs in a 27x17x10 listening/chill room.  I have AKM dac. , Tube pre amp and very neutral wires.  Wonderful combo. 
Heard the 9H’s vs B&W802D3’s driven by McIntosh separates and it was obvious to me instantly, that the 802D3’s created a living breathing soundscape full of dynamics and atmosphere.  The Paradigms were analytical and devoid of any warmth at all...not organic sounding at all.  
I’ve been buying speakers used here and on usam to home demo for as long as I want with my equipment in my room. I figure once I get the pair that gets it the way I like it I can keep them or resell to get the finish I prefer. I can’t afford to choose a pair of speakers then go thru a dozen power amps just to find out the speakers will never sound like they did in the demo that I liked so much. All the new Metal drivers regardless of the brand sound very similar to me with more emphasis on speed and detail that can make them sound more like tools than musical instruments. The salon2 I had when paired with Mark Levinson was to die for, but once home with my gear they lost that midrange magic I bought them for.  The persona 7f shares that hyper detail the salon 2 has but the 7f here in my home is an easier load for my amp so I’m getting more bass which balances the presentation. There’s still more detail than “midrange bloom” if thats a thing, but they do make me want to keep listening so, for now I’m enjoying them.
I listened again and decided to buy the B&W802D3’s...just so much more realistic and dynamic compared to the Personas.