Paradigm Persona: what do you think?

I listened to the bookshelf model and the floor standing next in line after the bookshelf. 
I must say they are some sweet sounding speakers. Very musical with gobs of bass in the bookshelf ones. 

The floor standing ones are sealed but I believe using a passive radiator. 
Very interested!
I’m using two Emotiva UPA-1 mono block amps. 
I own 9hs, the persona center, 4 Bs for surround, with BHK monoblocks, BHK Preamp. I love the speakers but there is no low end, so I got a couple JL 113v2 subs now everything sound really good. I would never buy these speakers without the subs, the powered subs in the 9hs are useless. Buy the 7s and a couple subs and save 10k. Best mid and high end ever but very poor bass.
Speakers preferences can be very subjective. For instance, while demoing speakers I tried very hard to love Wilson’s, KEF, Revel, etc, but while sounding great they didn’t rock my boat (getting deeply touched/lost emotionally into the music).

But Magico and YG constantly did (not 100% at all times - the entire audio chain along with the room conditions matters).
I figured that if I found a speaker I love, then it’s possible to recreate that sound as long as I do my part by surrounding it with supporting components and maybe room conditions.

Demo the speakers with your components would be ideal. But like most of us you may have to just take your chances which may lead you to swap other components, or not, until your ideal sonics is achieved.
It’s great if you find a speaker that you love, even better if you can afford it...without too much mental/financial grief.
I have the 3 F and I paired them with Simaudio 760A and Nordost TYR 2 speaker cable. Incredible and not harsh 
I also owned the Persona B bookshelf. While I agree the series can be a bit bright, it can be paired to sound absolutely outstanding. Well worth the money! Very transparent and detailed