Paradigm Persona: what do you think?

I listened to the bookshelf model and the floor standing next in line after the bookshelf. 
I must say they are some sweet sounding speakers. Very musical with gobs of bass in the bookshelf ones. 

The floor standing ones are sealed but I believe using a passive radiator. 
Very interested!
Search the site.  The Personas were the subject of several pretty contentious threads a while ago.
What are you using for amplification ?
i heard them all but the 7’s and they’re extremely dynamic and revealing but exceptionally harsh at the same time which makes them irritating after a few songs 

if you have hearing loss in the upper register it may not affect you though but for me it was a deal breaker 
I’m using two Emotiva UPA-1 mono block amps. 
I own 9hs, the persona center, 4 Bs for surround, with BHK monoblocks, BHK Preamp. I love the speakers but there is no low end, so I got a couple JL 113v2 subs now everything sound really good. I would never buy these speakers without the subs, the powered subs in the 9hs are useless. Buy the 7s and a couple subs and save 10k. Best mid and high end ever but very poor bass.