Paradigm Persona B vs 3F vs other competitors - any experience?

Hello all, 

I am Robert, 50 and would like to ask for any experience of the forum members concerning Paradigm Persona speakers. 
Was wondering if anybody has heard both, the „3F“ and the „B“ in comparison in a room 350-400 sqft?

I had lend the 3F and to me they were simply amazing. Unfortunately my wife does not like floorstanding speakers in the living room, that is why I was thinking about getting the Persona B. Unfortunately no dealer has the Persona B for a demo.

How do they compare sonically to the 3F - non fatiguing, richness, voices, foundation, bass etc.?

Does anybody recommend stand mount speakers from other brands performing similar to the Paradigm Persona  B, especially lovely vocals, great resolution, still rich sounding and non fatigueing?

Thank you all for feedback.

The room I have my Persona B’s in measures 12’ x 14’.  The ceiling height is 9’.  No special acoustic treatment.  I did run ARC via the Anthem STR Integrated.  For a bookshelf speaker, I find the sound field complete with a natural balance.  Will be difficult to find a bookshelf where the “bass energy” is going to compare side-by-side with a floor standing speaker of similar quality.  That said, in my room I do not find myself missing any “bass energy” from the B’s.  I am sure a side-by-side comparison with the Persona 3f’s would have you hearing more “bass energy” coming from the 3f’s.  If you have the space and budget I would suggest trying out the 3f’s.  If you were planning to get the Persona stands with the B’s, the price differential is somewhat close ($10k for a pair of the 3f’s vs, $8.2k for a pair of the B’s/stands).
Thank you mi4 for your insights. Really appreciate. Currently I habe the 3F in my room for a couple of days and was just wondering, if the B would be sufficient...
Is that a Musicbook?  How you like it?  I have the 5 fs w/ a swarm sub system. Are you getting enough low end with the 3f’s?  Can’t help but think you would need a sub w/ the B’s.   I just switched over to Silversmith Fidelium speaker cables and the are a nice match with  the Personas. 
Musicbook Source is simply amazing, very transparent while being musical and dead quiet. The Class-D amp I am not sore sure yet - everything perfect, very powerful (2x 500watts) but al little uninspiring and rather dry - compared to Pass Class A. 
That is why today I ordered a pair of Pass Labs XA 60.8 and a pair of Paradigm Persona B plus the Paradigm Persona sub. 
I hope this system will sound great, while respecting my wife‘s need for a living room, that doesn‘t look too much like a tech boy‘s play room :)) She hates large speakers no matter what they look like. She said the 3F looked like plastic and design from the 90s 🙄
@benzmando the Silversmith Fidelium speaker cables „soft“ or „round“ the very high resolution of the Persona‘s a little bit? 

I was thinking about adding a quiet Tube preamp between Lindemann Musicbook Source and the Pass XA 60.8 amps to add a little richness ontop of the overall sound and to make less ideal recordings sound easier to listen to (Spotify and so on..)