Paradigm Persona 9H - hard to drive !?

December edition of the British magazine Hi-Fi News published a nice review of Paradigm Persona 9H.

They tested with Constelation solid state amps.

Relevant quotes from the review:

"Of all speakers the speakers I have encountered in decades of reviewing, the Persona 9H is right up there in the top ten, and maybe even the top five."

"From the first notes played, it was clear something very special was happening." 

"Paradigm´s Persona 9H speakers are outstanding in every respect, from the superb quality of build and finish to their scintillating sound."

All of this I already know, except the need of an amplifier of high power.

"Don´t be fooled by that modest power requirement and seemingly benign impedance: partner them with a high quality, high power amplifier, and prepare to be dazzled..."

The Lab Report concludes:

"...the 2.4 ohm minimum modulus we measured means that 9H is nominally a 3 ohm speaker."

"...and it has an EPDR which drops to a scary 1 ohm, albeit at 9.7 kHz..."

I drive my Personas 9H with a SET amp wit 25 watts with fantastic results, but after reading this I don´t know if I can achieve even better sound with a high power solid state amplifier.

Any thoughts ?

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You may be surprised if you are able to. : )

Thanks for the heads up on the review...I'll take a read.
Keep the SET!  I'm sure it's doing a heroic job of ameliorating the sound of the Personas.
Audio Doc is always saying the high power T+A HV series is the best sound they got with the 9H.

I would be interested in hearing them with the Luxman c900u and m900u myself. I did read a post from someone who owned this combo and loved it.
One or two ohm dips definitely make the Personas hard speakers to drive, You should definitely try your Personas with a higher powered amp. It will probably give you a considerably different sound than your SET. Your speakers are underpowered by the SET, but you may prefer aspects of its sound over those of a more powerful amp.
I only have used tube amps with my Personas.

Triode M845 - 50 watts 
Aries Cerat Concero 25 - 25 watts

Triode have a very good control in the bass but compared to Aries Cerat, the midrange is not that transparent.

The Aries Cerat have a much more natural and full bodied sound with a good bass control.

I do not feel any difference in relation to the power output. Both play at levels more than enough for my room.

But curiosity killed the cat, and probably I will try a Luxman M-900u this weekend.
Very curious to see the results!!
Thinking about going from my Accuphase E650 to the new E800.
So many choices out there.
Paradigm generally thru the Anthem 1000w M1 mono at each speaker when they demo these at CEDIA.
But curiosity killed the cat, and probably I will try a Luxman M-900u this weekend.
Add me as someone who would be interested in your feedback on this setup.

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Not sure I’ve ever seen Paradigm use the 1000w mono blocks with 9H, and if they ever did, it would have been dumb.  I think I recall them doing that very early on at one show, but they almost always run them with the STR amp and pre.

9H will turn 40 watts into a dance party.  This thread is funny.  
I would be curious to hear what they would sound like with a pair of  Anthem 1000 watt M1 mono blocks.  They are so sleek and they do not take up much space which can be in turn pub inside a stereo cabinet to get them out of the way.

I heard the Persona 9H's at the RMAF last October and I was not sure I liked the sounded.  It might have been the room.  I did like the tweeter and mid drivers wasn't sure about the bass drivers though.  I am sure they sound much nicer in a home environment as do so many others.
I heard the big Persona 9H with Anthem separates and it was one of the best sounds I've ever heard in high end.
Here I am with a summary of Luxman M-900u sound with the Paradigm.

I didn't have much time with the Luxman amp (only Saturday afternoon), but the judgement was fast and relatively easy.

With the Luxman in the system, the sound is relaxed, but at the same time, fast and articulated. In the end the sound is very balanced and non fatiguing.

But, as good as Luxman M-900u is, to me the Aries Cerat is much better in terms of of naturalness and midrange purity.

True, the Luxman is the fastest and most explosive, but it misses the holographic sound Aries makes in my room.

And the voices? ... Oh my goodness, with the Aries Cerat I have the impression of the artist is with me in the room!!

I will definitely keep the Aries Cerat.
As I predicted.  Your enjoyment owes a lot to that SET typology.
Thanks for the update.  Enjoy!
Nice to know that the 9H's allowed each amp's signature to shine through. Great to hear you love your choice in AC.

It was the 7F’s with two Persona Subs at RMAF 2019, not 9H’s fyi...and I’m sorry you felt they didn’t play up to your expectations.

I listened to the 7f a couple saturdays ago. After rereading my comment about my listen to the 3f it seems my impressions are consistent, Tight bass, excellent detail and imaging, but a little dry in the midrange. I'm drawn to what they do well and would probably attempt to get over my phobia of subs for stereo and choose the 3f with 1 or 2 instead of the 7f. I can't justify the purchase of the 9h. Has anyone matched the persona with Hegel?