Paradigm Persona 3F vs 7F

Hello everyone...

I don't have access to listen to both speakers where I live.

I hadnlistened to the 3F before, and I was amazed with it's level of clarity.

I am wondering how different will the overall experience be with the 7F, compared to the 3F. Can you please help me understand what will the 7F add? Is that worth the extra $15k?

Having the same tweeter and midrange, is it just more bass? Would the 3F + a Persona Sub = 7F?

You advice is highly appreciated.


For 2 channel guys, I can't still be the only one, subs are unwanted distractions. Unfortunately most full range speakers have such low impedence in the bass that they feel thin. Previous speakers would have me using 200wpc amps on the lower taps and 100 wpc amps on the upper taps to get some tonal balance. The persona's the 7f I own output excellent full range sound from a single source. subs need not apply.
@ steve59....I own a pair of 7f's and just blew up my mcintosh mc2105 i had running the 7f's and wanted to get a better amp for these speakers anyway....what amp are you using and liking?

I love my 5F’s with a swarm sub system in a 27x17x10 room. Odyssey Kismet reference monos give you all the power you need,200 watts but lots of current. 
I heard the 5f’s at Axpona with 1k Mac amp and they never strained in a banquet sized room. 
 @istics I’m thinking about trying a parasound J C 5 amp with my 7f’s
I am hoping to build the same system in the next few months. Would love to hear your impressions of the JC5 and 7Fs together when you try it!
Just installed a pair of Townshend Podiums under the 5f’s. Amazing how good this speaker can sound.  Total disappearing act. I built my room with audio in mind . It’s very quiet < 28db. The Personas are so transparent and delicate in the upper midrange-treble that it’s got you shaking your head. I really have never heard the Personas sound real good in an audio store. Takes careful cabling/electronics to get them to really sing. If you can have patience it’s one helluva speaker.