Paradigm Persona 3F setup recommendations for cinema + music

I am looking for recommendations on electronics for use with a Paradigm Persona 3F setup that is used for 60% cinema, 40% music.

I have some ideas on hardware so far but nothing is certain at this point.

The cinema/video streaming chain might look something like:
-> BluRay player with streaming options - HDMI out
-> Anthem MRX 1120
-> At this point, the AVR can power the 3F speakers, or send pre-out to a 2ch amp (such as Moon 340i etc).

Since I currently have a NAD T955 power amp (5x100w), another option is to use this amp to power the surrounds in a scenario like this:
-> BluRay player with streaming options -HDMI out
-> Anthem AVM 60 (pre-pro)
-> NAD T955 amp for surrounds.
-> New 2ch integrated amp for 3Fs.

There are a couple of options for the music chain:
1) With AVR only
-> BluRay player with streaming options (Spotify/Tidal/lossless audio via DLNA server) HDMI out
-> Anthem MRX 1120

2) With AVR + 2ch amp
-> BluRay player with streaming options (Spotify/Tidal/lossless audio via DLNA server) Digital coax out
-> DAC or 2ch integrated amp with DAC (such as Simaudio 340i)

So the questions I have are:
1) I could get the Anthem MRX 1120, end of story. But will this be good enough for movies + music on the 3Fs?
2) Will much be gained by powering the 3Fs by their own integrated?
3) What would sound better in cinema: the MRX 1120 by itself, or AVM 60 to NAD T955 amp?
4) Which is the better 2ch amp for the 3Fs: Anthem STR, Moon 340i, 600i, Naim 350DR, or other?
5) In general, what do you guys think about Naim vs Simaudio for powering the Personas?
6) For now, I'm assuming the digital source is a basic BR player. Are there significant gains by going with a dedicated streamer like options from Naim? I'm assuming this difference will be minor compared to the other electronics in the chain (until we get to a DAC component).

Overwhelming number of options here. Thanks for any advice you can provide.
For your second option ( Anthem AVM 60 ) why do you need an
``integrated `` amplifier for the Paradigm 3F ?
A 2 channels`` power `` amplifier for driving theme is OK .

Unless there is no `` stereo mode `` on the AVM 60  for music playback .

In that case with AVM 60 processing the signal, an “integrated” is not necessary.  However, in a cinema/music setup, I am told you pretty much need a separate component chain for music to get the best out of it. (i.e. not going thru avm60 for music).   
If the 2ch amp was moon 340i for example, music sources would plug into this (and utilize its DAC), and the AVR as well (in HT Bypass mode). 

Im not in a position to demo anything so I have no idea how components compare to each other or if the 340i is a good match for the 3Fs. Or how much better it is over using 1120 by itself vs another completely different setup 
May be , you should send  a PM ( personnal message ) to 
Audiotroy ( an audiogon member and a dealer too )
he knows quite a lot about Paradigm Persona and Anthem.

good luck

     What are the exact model numbers of the speakers in your Paradigm Persona 3F setup?  I'm assuming you have a pair of floor standers, a center, 2-6 surrounds and 1-2 subs.  Please also state whether you are going to use 4K for the Bluray player and video display or projector and what surround sound format you are going to use, 5.1, 7.1, 7.1 with Atmos? 

     For the electronics, do you have a budget?

     In general, I'd suggest streamlining and avoiding redundancy in your system but purchasing high quality gear for the essential components. Here's what I consider the essential components for a 7.1 non-Atmos surround system for 60% HT and 40% music use:

1. A high quality Bluray player similar to the no longer manufactured Oppo-205 player that has a built-in 7.1 surround sound decoding circuitry, HDMI 3.0 inputs and outputs, balanced xlr and unbalanced rca outputs used for both the L+R  front surround mains and stereo music L+R channels, built-in wi-fi connectivity with streaming capability, a built-in high quality DAC that has a minimum conversion capacity of up to 24 bit/192KHz high-resolution PCM audio and preferably at least up to DSD 512 capacity and analog rca outputs for all remaining 7.1 surround channels.  I believe Panasonic, Pioneer and Sony now have, or are soon  coming out with, Bluray hi-end players that meet the above criteria.  You could also buy a used Oppo-105 as a high quality Bluray player if 1080P video is sufficient. I currently use a streamlined HT and 2-ch music system using the Oppo-105 for a 5.1 audio surround system connected directly to multiple class D amps and a 1080P hdtv for video connected via HDMI with very good results. 
     The main benefit of investing in a hi-end Bluray player is that there's no need for an AV receiver, an Anthem surround processor/preamp or an integrated amp as you mentioned.  They're all redundant and unnecessary.
2. A high quality 5-channel amp (like your NAD T955) that is connected directly to the Bluray player's analog outputs for the center and up to 4 total side and rear surround channels.

3. A high quality 2-channel stereo amp of your choice to drive your main stereo speakers.

4. From one to four self amplified subs

     These are all the essential electronics you need but you always have the option to add a separate regular stereo preamp with a HT pass thru control if you prefer.  But I'd suggest first listening to music using the Bluray player as the preamp for music only to see if you think you really need a separate preamp for improved stereo music playback.

Using a Blueray 7.1 rca out and power amp. is a good idea.
But what about volume controle ?

I don’t know any BlueRay player that stream Tidal , etc.
But I think you could use , ARIES, AURALiC , with a Blueray player.
Kinki integrared Amplifier  :

I didnt mention the remaining speakers because they are currently B&W, which is a mismatch for the Persona 3Fs. I will definitely need to replace the center with an appropriate Persona match. The SVS sub will remain. The setup is is currently 5.1, but want to keep option of atmos open for later. TV is a 4K LG OLED.

The problem with using only a high-end bluray player with built-in DAC is that it is quite limiting on the source material. In addition to discs, I stream a lot of audio/video with DLNA/Plex, spotify (or tidal), use netflix, youtube, etc. There doesnt seem to be a player option that supports all of this. i.e. Panasonic is great for video playback, limited app support. Sony requires user to select Dolby Vision manually (crazy). Pioneer lacks in app support as well AFAIK.

So it looks like a mix of source components will be required, which puts a receiver back on the table.


Volume control with BR player, at least on some I've seen, is done on screen. Seemed a little cumbersome in that instance.
Using a Blueray 7.1 rca out and power amp. is a good idea.
But what about volume controle ?"

  Hello maxwave,

     Volume control is adjusted by the Bluray player remote.  
     This setup works very well.  I connect my hd Xfinity cable via HDMI from the cable box to my Oppo 105's HDMI input, which gets the video and audio to the Bluray player. Then the video is connected to my hdtv via HDMI.  
     For audio, I run xlr cables from the OPPO's L+R stereo outputs to a pair of class D mono-block amps that drive my main Magnepan 2.7QR speakers.  All the surround channel outputs for up to 7.1 on the Oppo are also connected directly to the amps for my 5.4 setup via standard rca cables(the center channel to a class D stereo amp bridged to mono for my Magnepan CC3 center, the two rear surrounds to a stereo class D amp and the sub output to a 1K watt class AB amp/controller that powers a 4-sub Audio Kinesis Swarm distributed bass array system and controls volume, crossover frequency and phase on all four subs).
     There is some audio setup required on the Oppo's setup menus, all done from the remote and displayed on the hdtv, such as setting the crossover frequency for the sub output, setting the Size of each speaker channel('small' for sub assistance and 'large' for no sub assistance), Distance(set in feet from the primary listening seat) and Volume or Trim Level( relative volume of each surround channel set sequentially by ear or using a sound level meter at the listening seat.  


Many thanks for your information.
Good to know.
My BlueRay player is an old Cambridge  Azur 751 BD ......