Paradigm Persona 3F paired with Parasound JC5 /JC2

Curious if anyone has heard this combo, warm enough, or too bright?
Speakers generally tend to get all the glory or all the the blame. The Personas are a window to see into what’s in front of them and they will merely show you whether your gear and cables you have are warm or bright. Bill Solderholm at Stereoland in Minneapolis sells Persona and Parasound and could give you details on it, but I would recommend finding your closest or local dealer before reaching out to him.
Thanks for your time!

Thanks for the input, it sounds like the Paradigms are absolutely neutral  in their sound, thus reflecting the amps  signature sound. 
A local dealer carries the persona line and I agree, when he had the Anthem STr gear connected the speakers sounded very ’audiophile’ like with air around the instruments, precise imaging with insane front to back layering, pretty impressive, but recently they started using a $5k pathos 100 watt integrated and the sound is completely different. much fuller midrange and while a tiny bit less air I found them more natural and this combination makes them my favorite system to date. 
Not being a total noob I get the room will have something to say about final component matching, but these speakers sound much better than other threads on this forum would leave one to believe. Seriously, if you don't like the sound of these speakers I can direct you to a shop that will have you reaching for your wallet.
I can confirm that Persona needs warm amps/dac ... tube amplifiers are a must!

My Personas 9h are powered by Aries Cerat amp and DAC ... wonderful sound!
I was finally able to hear the Persona bookshelf speakers paired with  Anthem separates today, and compared them with the B&W 802 D3 and the Paradigm bookshelf speakers blew them away! I was stunned by the effortless clarity and neutrality they produced, and I must say the SS amp/preamp sounded wonderful. The B&W were obviously good, but a little harsh and fatiguing in comparison. I can't wait to hear the towers next:)