Paradigm Persona 3F Owners

I am interested to know a few placement answers from Persona 3F owners. What worked best for you?

1) Distance between speakers
2) Distance to side wall
3) Room size

I know these speakers and like them a lot. I will do a home demo however before I do this I want to see what others have done to get the best sound.

I know 1 person has mentioned that the best sound is obtained when the speakers are spaced rather far apart. I cannot do that in my room.

Even though I will do a home demo I want to know if I am going to be able to use the speaker to it's fullest ability. In my room I am limited to the spacing so I many not be able to discern this info.

You are fine just move the plant and put the left speaker much more into the corner, the 3F love some serious toe in. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Persona dealers
Awesome, thanks for that feedback.

Interesting statement about the toe-in. Some here have said not to do too much toe-in since it makes the speakers sound bright . However, I see Paradigm and you recommending both toe-in. I will go with your advice on this. It will also make it possible to put the speakers closer to the side wall.